Short Films


15 Down

Molly’s world has changed since her grandmother, Mildred, moved in. New responsibilities, new traditions, and a lot more crossword puzzles. 15 Down follows a transformative summer for the Yau family. From soccer games to hair appointments, their everyday routines reinforce their connection and underline what it means to be a mother and a daughter throughout all stages of life.

Directed by Mike Hayhurst
Written by Allison Hayhurst
Produced by Evening Squire Productions

15 Down was filmed in June in Huntsville, Alabama. 

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A dark horror film about two women on the run and searching for safety.

Directed & Shot by Mike Hayhurst
Written by Allison Hayhurst
Produced by Evening Squire Productions

Uncertainty Principle Poster.jpg

Uncertainty Principle 

A heartfelt musical comedy about one woman's search to understand love and quantum mechanics. Uncertainty Principle had its World Premiere as part of the Sparrow Film Project where it picked up 5 award nominations, with our Resident Composer Taylor Bridges winning for Best Score. 

Directed & Shot by Mike Hayhurst
Written by Allison Hayhurst & Taylor Bridges
Produced by Evening Squire Productions


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The Pits - Now Online!

In a world full of pears, what can you find to fill your pit? A story about longing, love, and finding your other half...

The Pits had it's World Premiere at the Oscar®-qualifying New York International Children's Film Festival and has currently been accepted into over 30 festivals worldwide.   

"Really good. Very sweet." - Frank Oz

Directed & Shot by Mike Hayhurst
Written & Edited by David Bizzaro
Produced by The Bizzaro Company & Evening Squire Productions

You can watch The Pits online HERE!

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Dana Bloch is nearly 30 and lives at home with her parents.  A Ph. D candidate, studying genocide and film, Dana connects with the world around her through a screen. Adept in facts, she has collected hundreds of stories from holocaust survivors, the only one that escapes her is her own grandmother’s.

At 90 years old, Dana’s grandmother, Ethel Mueller is sharp, sexy and meticulously put together.  She lives in New Jersey alone in a retirement community she finds to be ‘lacking’. She has one daughter to whom she no longer speaks. Most people like Ethel, but she doesn’t always like them.

Dana and Ethel meet for the first time in 20 years on camera. As Dana attempts to get Ethel’s story, Ethel is reluctant. She agreed to this meeting to see her granddaughter, and if she’s going to rehash the past it’ll be on her terms.  What ensues is a cat and mouse game of facts and missed connection. As Dana gets closer to getting Ethel to speak, she realizes that the person in front of her is more interesting than the story she intended to get.

Oma had it's World Premiere at the Oscar®-qualifying Nashville Film Festival on April 23rd 2017.